The other day, while I was busy working on something important to me, my little 3 year old interrupted my focus to ask me a question. I impatiently answered him and sent him on his way. I then got to thinking how often I do that with him. How often he interrupts me while I’m working on house work, checking social media, shopping online, or doing other mundane tasks and I send him on his way, barely giving him a glance. I felt convicted about how I respond to my children (and husband too!) when they interrupt me. Is it really more important to me have a clean house than show love to my boys? Why is it so hard for me to put down the technology that is distracting me from being a loving, caring, fun wife and mom? Why am I so selfish that instead of tying strings with my toddler by swinging him in the swing, taking a stroll through the woods and collecting treasures, or coloring with him I chose to sit on the couch and scroll through Facebook or Pinterest, killing brain cells and boring myself? Why am I so lazy that I can’t chase my boys and tickle them until they can’t breathe at least once a week?

The Lord really opened my eyes this week and made me see how often I don’t allow myself to be interrupted. How often I feel inconvenienced if my children or husband need something from me when I should count it as a huge blessing. I should love to be interrupted by my family. My kids are more important than house work. They’re more important than having supper on the table at 5 o’ clock sharp. They are more important than the gossip and drama I’m reading on Facebook. They are the most important people I have on this earth, besides my husband. God chose ME to raise these children. Is He happy with how I am choosing to do it?

I truly desire to be a patient, loving, gracious, fun mom. I want my kids to LOVE being around me. To trust that I mean what I say when I tell them I’m going to color with them, or we can swing tomorrow because they’ve never known anything else. I want my kids to respect me and count me as a best friend. I want them to never doubt my love. I want them to say when they’re adults that momma never yelled at them and that they don’t remember momma being angry. I want them to know that their opinion was valuable and they were important to me because I didn’t ignore them. I want to be thankful and joyful. I want to be interrupted 🙂


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