Natural Shampoo Options and Why You Shouldn’t Use the “No ‘Poo” Method

One of the first things I did when I started out on my natural health journey was read the ingredients on my shampoo and conditioner bottles. It didn’t take much for me to chunk most of my body care products in the trash, especially my sons skin care (which I trusted to be safe because it was for babies!). I started looking for natural store-bought options, shampoo and body wash recipes, and I put everything through Environmental Working Group’s  Skin Deep. I couldn’t feel comfortable slathering chemical laden lotion on after a chemical laden bubble bath, or putting chemicals into my hair or my sons hair. So, I used homemade shampoo bars for a while, then, I went to using the no poo method. I liked it for a while because I didn’t have to wash my hair every day. My hair seemed to be healthier. But, after about 6 months of using that method, my hair started to tangle easily, looked dry, and felt straw like. I hated it so, I immediately switched to Shea Moisture and Argan Oil. I have loved these two so far. After stopping the “no ‘poo” method I have since done some reading on the method and have learned that it is horrible for your hair. Many women have problems with their hair drying out and breaking off. They’ll have INCHES of hair break off all over their head. I just recently read an article about this woman’s experience with the” no ‘poo” method and how it ruined her long, beautiful hair (link below). All I can think is, I am so glad I stopped when I did. I also read another article a couple of months ago about the damage baking soda does to your scalp and how it imbalances your natural ph (link below).

Anyway, I’m writing this post to give you options for natural hair care that isn’t the “no ‘poo” method or just using water.


Here are some links to recipes-

Coconut Milk Shampoo Recipe

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar Recipe

DIY Honey Shampoo


Here are some links to posts from other blogs-

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What Years of Baking Soda “No Poo” Did to My Long, Healthy Hair

Yes, I’m Sure it Was the Baking Soda


Here’s a blog post with store-bought alternatives-

9 Natural Shampoo Products You Can Trust {for the Non-DIYers}


I hope you all chose a more natural option to cleanse your hair. Usually natural shampoos won’t suds up as much as normal shampoos because they don’t contain the chemical surfactants that normal shampoos use to give you that nice, rich lather. It did take me a little while to get used to less suds but, now that I am used to it, it seems like I have just as many suds as with normal shampoos. Also, we each have different ph and our hair is unique so, if one of these shampoos or recipes aren’t working for you, don’t give up. Just try another one until you find something that does work for your hair type.



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